Welcome to Civil Defense Communications Auxiliary!

CDCA is an Oregon 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation dedicated to providing material and educational support to amateur radio emergency communications and preparedness organizations.

We provide support through our Projects and Programs:

Projects are in direct support to Program offerings, or direct support to an emergency communications organization, on either a long-term or short-term basis. Some Projects are of a more permanent nature, supporting organizations through technical assistance, labor, and knowledge.

Programs include our educational offerings such as amateur radio license classes, emergency communications classes, and exam sessions; they also include Introduction to Amateur Radio, Emergency Communications, preparedness, and special radio topic presentations geared to the needs of the intended audience.

Projects and Programs are the pathways to reaching our primary support goals. In the big picture, amateur radio community development is also a big part of what we do. We don’t just pack up and walk away after a presentation or when a site project is completed. We are present and available for the long-term, continuing to provide educational, technical, and leadership mentoring support.