Deployable Asset Tracking

In its continuing mission to provide EmComm assets and training to the local community, CDCA is moving forward with a new project to provide a cache of easy-to-use and deploy APRS trackers.

Local agencies have recognized the capabilities of the local amateur radio community and are asking how we as individual groups and the emcomm community as a whole can support them. After the huge success in general communications support provided by CDCA and ARES at the 2022 Snowflake parade, the Klamath Falls Police Department, Klamath County Sheriff, and Klamath County Emergency Management asked what other services can the emcomm community provide.

With the parade fresh in their minds, asset tracking during events filtered to the top of the priority list. The amateur radio emcomm community in Klamath County includes CDCA, Klamath County ARES, Klamath County CERT, Klamath Basin Amateur Radio Association, and Sky Lakes Amateur Radio Association. All have various taskings that would greatly benefit from a cache of simple, deployable, trackers and CDCA has offered to develop the cache and maintain it for deployment by any group as needed.

As of 27 MAR 2023, CDCA is in the process of gathering the materials for the first demonstration units (2) all of the materials for the demos should be received by April 1. CDCA is seeking grant funding from ARDC to build the main cache of 10. Updates will be posted here as the project progresses.