Amateur radio has numerous areas of interest and appeal to a wide audience demographically. In order to reach the widest demographic, we tailor presentations to the specific types of audience, scouts, k-12, social clubs, etc. and appropriate age groups. Each tailored presentation is added to the pool for future use, but it takes a lot of time and effort from an experienced instructor to build or modify each presentation. Please consider sponsoring Presentation Development.

Presentations Available and in Development

The list below is a small sample of the planned presentations for general and EmComm audiences. These presentations have been developed and presented, are ready for presentation, or are outlined and awaiting development.

  • Introduction to Amateur Radio – Scouting
  • Introduction to Amateur Radio – Broad Audience
  • Introduction to Amateur Radio – K-12 – In Development
  • Introduction to Emergency Communications – Ham Group
  • Introduction to ARES – In Development
  • Winlink Basics – In Development
  • Winlink & EmComm – In Development
  • Winlink & EmComm, Advanced – In Development
  • Tactical Messaging Basics – In Development
  • APRS Geolocation & Tactical Messaging – In Development
  • APRS & EmComm – In Development
  • Narrow Band Emergency Messaging Software (NBEMS) – In Development

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