APRS Portable Demo Kit – NEED FUNDING

APRS has become a key tool for emergency communications. Building training programs for APRS requires portable deployable gear and infrastructure components that are capable of utilizing APRS’s full complement of tools.

This project encompasses the building of 5 fully field-deployable, pedestrian portable, bidirectional, radio APRS kits, and 1 fully field-deployable, bidirectional, digipeater/gateway/base unit.

Along with the kits, a comprehensive training program is being developed for in-person, online, and print media instruction, and will include activities for each module based on the kit components.

Pedestrian Portable Kit (PPK-1)

A preliminary Pedestrian Portable test kit has been developed and tested in the field with excellent results. This test kit became the basis for the project. The Pedestrian Portable Kit costs $300 to build assuming all components are purchased at retail value. This configuration can be considered nearly power independent with the solar power charging unit.

  • Baofeng UV-5RE+
  • Nagoya NA-24J antenna
  • Mobilikd TNC2.2
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • 25000mAh Solar Charger / Battery Pack
  • Apache 1800 Case

The Portable Base Kit (PBK-1)

This kit is more comprehensive than the Pedestrian Portable, it uses a higher power mobile radio rather than a hand-held, and the computing power is provided by a Raspberry Pi 4. Since this setup does not use a monitor, a tablet computer will act as the monitor and user interface. Because of the higher power consumption of the mobile radio, this kit needs an additional case for a 12V 35A battery. The Portable Base Kit comes in at $750.

  • Alinco DR-135T MkIII +MARS
  • Youmei Dual Band NMO Antenna
  • NMO Mount
  • TRAM NMO Gasket (1 of 5)
  • TRAM NMO cap
  • USB Audio Card
  • CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 4GB
  • 32GB Micrs SD
  • Samsung Galexy Tab E
  • 25000mAh Battery Pack
  • Apache 3800 Case
  • 35 Ah SLA battery
  • Ammo Can for Batt

Project Cost

$1,500 for 5 of the Pedestrian Portables ($300 ea.)
$750 for 1 Portable Base
$350 for contingency and documentation
$2600 Total Project Cost

You can help us complete this project!

  • Monetary contributions are always appreciated
  • If you are upgrading your smartphone, please consider donating your old one to us
    it would be greatly appreciated and will help reduce our costs
  • We are also happy to accept donations of radio, telecommunications, and computer equipment.

We are a 501(c)(3) and your donations may tax-deductible. We will be happy to provide a W-9 and or a receipt for your contribution. If you would like to make an equipment donation please contact us to make arrangements info@civildefensecomm.org

Jon Wanzer
Civil Defense Communications Auxiliary