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Financial Contributions

Looking to make a general contribution? We will be happy to apply your generosity to the Programs and Projects that will best serve the community.

Starter Station Project

We are currently developing a Starter Station program. The goal this program is to build ready to go loaner radio stations for groups and organizations that want to start a radio club or program for their organization. These are often schools, scouting units, church groups, or service clubs that show a lot of interest after a presentation, however, if left alone to too long interest wains. With a Starter Station they can jump on it right away, preserve iterest and start buying the components for a permanent station.

A VHF/UHF Starter Station costs $3,360
An HF Starter Station costs $4,260

The overall plan for this project is to build 6 VHF/UHF and 6 HF Starter Stations for a total budget of $45,720. We will be posting more about this project in the comming months.

If you would like to participate by sponsoring this project please send us an email

Have something else specific in mind?

We accept all kinds of donations, if you have, telecommunications, electronics, or radio materials and/or equipment that you would like to donate, let us know what you would like to donate, if you think it would further a specific program or project, or if you would like your donation to to be directed to a specific organization and we will do our best to oblige.

Send us an email and let us know what you have in mind!